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Enemies in range can be shot

Hello! My name is Jeremy, 26 years old. Video game enthusiast. It's my passion in this life and hopefully I can make a career out of it in some form. For now I just make pizzas.

Just like most of you, there's an endless amount of things that interest me and may show up here. Feel free to talk to me or ask me questions, it's always nice to talk to my fellow gamers and geeks about whatever is on our minds.
Mar 29 '14

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Mar 29 '14

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Mar 5 '14

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Feb 22 '14

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Feb 22 '14


Guardians Of The Galaxy | Movie Poster HQ (x)

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Feb 22 '14

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Feb 22 '14


hey I can finally reenact that scene from the badass trailer.. NOPE

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Feb 22 '14

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Feb 22 '14

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Feb 22 '14

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